Malaysia INDEPENDENCE Day 2019


On August 1957, at 9.30am the Federation of Malaya gained its freedom from the British Empire. The declaration of independence was read by the first Chief Minister of Malaya, Tunku Abdul Rahman, at the Stadium Merdeka, specially built to celebrate their national independence. 

There were thousands gathered to witness this historic event. The Flag of Malaya was hosted for the first time and various events were held to bring in the festivities of independence.We take this opportunity to invite everyone around the world to join us as we celebrate the 62nd Year of Independence. 

Through the practice of Yoga, we can discover happiness and well-being, which we can eventually spread across the globe. “All kidding aside, if everyone did yoga, we would have world peace,” said author Rory Freedman once. AND WE INTEND TO DO JUST THAT.9 Huts on a Hill invites you all to be a part of its celebrations for the 62nd Hari Merdeka!!


Our yoga retreats are not the usual yoga workshops. They are all about getting active and fit for a better lifestyle; not just for rest and recharging yourself, but to travel, explore and finding yourself again. We have a completely planned package for you to just have a holistic experience.


  • Special yoga classes for kids
  • Classes on different types of yoga
  • Yoga talks & workshop
  • Meditation classes
  • Self-care sessions
  • Personal care workshops
  • Special workshops on conscious living


9 Huts on a Hill at Bak Bak Beach in Kudat, opened for business on January 2017. Our resort has eco-friendly facilities which will be the perfect place to rest and recharge. Our huts are designed in authentic Rungus Borneo Longhouse style furnished with mattresses, mosquito nets, air conditioner and fans. With these sea-view huts, you are bound to have the perfect setting for yoga and rest.


In this world of stress and survival of the fittest, we try to find a way to unwind and keep a stable mind. Yoga is one of the many ways in which you can attain both. Even just a 30-minute routine will help relax every muscle in your body. Not just reducing stress and improving muscle power, regular sessions will help you keep your mind focused and work better. Body-wise, you will feel an amazing amount of energy everyday as it initiates a good blood flow to all your vital organs. Ultimately it can help you achieve a form of well-being that will regulate a healthier lifestyle.


9 Huts Yoga
Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia.



              25,2019 – 31, 2019


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