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‘Super foods’ for your memory
Health and fitness is not about just working out, following a diet plan or an exercise routine.

It is about maintaining a good lifestyle to keep yourself active.

What you eat matters in contributing to your overall lifestyle.
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Everything in life changes!

There is nothing that is ever constant.

The same way our habits change.
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The Traveling Spirit – Sabah Special
When you visit 9 Huts on a Hill, your Yoga experience will be the ultimate

one for you and I can assure you that. But while you’re not sweating it out,

you could visit some places at Sabah.
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Body vs Mind
While I was browsing the web, I came across an article which talked about

how your physical health affects your mental health!
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Today is all about Self-care! Concentrate on yourself,

not just your health and body. Keep yourself happy and inspired.
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Honor the man who is awake and shows you the way. Honor the fire of his sacrifice. -Lord Buddha.

The summer satsangs have been powerful in New York City with Amma and the Dalai Lama coming to visit.All sorts of spiritual seekers and socialites filled their rooms for divine hugs or holy words of wisdom.


Sant Kabir wrote this verse to sing the glory of guru and wonders:“If both guru and God were to appear at the door, whose feet will I worship first?”   He then adds,“The guru’s feet because without the guru how would I have recognized (known) God?”I learned I could not have survived the test without God’s grace and the guru’s support.

I remember practicing once with Sri Dharma when I first went to check out his classes about six years ago. It was a Master Class, but there were all levels of students in the room. Some of the students were very advanced –far more advanced than I. Some of the students were quite new and finding the class really challenging.

Today is all about exploration, something fun and of course something that will totally 

make everything worth for!!! Taking a trip is always something every person looks 

forward to. It could be travelling  for a short period, probably an expedition or even a

  journey for self realisation.

Latest trends in health, could be new diets, new equipment 

or even new exercises. Today I’m going to talk about 

something that I have been hearing a lot about. 

A new type of diet that everyone seems to be 

going for – the Keto diet.

In my last post, I had talked about how you can do some simple

 things to shed some stress. Today I was thinking about

 sharing another proven method which has double benefits!

 It is considered to be an easy way to exercise


“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family

 and the world is a healthy you” – Joyce Meyer The above 

quote by American author and speaker, Joyce Meyer, seems

 simple yet powerful. If you think deep enough 

what she says is very true and acceptable too

If you ask people practising yoga, they will tell you how it

 helps them to relax and lower stress levels. Yoga practioners can 

also boast about how they keep their body shape intact. There is a 

tremendous difference in how one feels after a yoga session. 

Even simple yoga poses can show huge differences.

In this world of stress and survival of the fittest, I was trying

 to find a way to unwind and keep a stable mind. Yup, 

exercises, diet or a holiday will be the words you are

 looking for while planning to unwind, but there is something

 that you can do everyday.

YOGA RETREATS are the Best Everyone is conscious 

of their weight these days. It all started a few years back,

 when we were beginning to have these health issues and

 everyone became obsessed with workouts and 

going to the gym. 

Did you know that our everyday Surya Namaskar

 is just one sequence of various Yoga asanas that 

one can do. Interesting right? It was the same with me.

I wanted to know more about Yoga and a simple

 Google search yielded so many results,so that

 I decided to put them down in writing!

Hola! Hope you are all keeping healthy and wealthy (of course)! 

BTW How was your weekend? I must confess that this was one of 

the most exciting weekends I had and while kayaking across the

 beach yesterday, I had an epiphany.