Let’s ‘HIIT’ it!!

Workouts and diet plans keep changing with time! Previously we had no-fat diets, but now we have diets with just fatty items in them. We had Yoga, Pilates and Treadmills earlier for our fitness, now we have the HIIT making a comeback this year!! But beware as HIIT stands for High-intensity interval training which is a form of cardiovascular exercise interval training with intense workouts within a short period of time.

HIIT would be an ideal workout for a person with a busy schedule. If you want, you could squeeze in a workout session even during your break at the office or before dinner after you get back from work. Some fitness experts claim that this 15-minute interval workout has achieved the best of results that jogging or on the treadmill for an hour.

HIIT burns fat and improves metabolism faster than other types of workouts. So, what other things will
HIIT contribute to?

Improves glucose

Improves cardiovascular fitness

Contributes to fat loss

Healthy heart

Burns more calories

Boosts your brain power

While all workouts give you certain health benefits for both the body and mind, HIIT mostly focuses on giving you specific results based on your workout. Another plus point would be that there is no fitness equipment needed for HIIT and you can just about do it anywhere! But stick to doing it three or two times per week as it can get strenuous.

You will be working out on a hard fitness regime within a specific time period, so just get all your approaches ready to take on HIIT.Visit a fitness expert. Get yourself some tips for the HIIT workouts as it could get intense or go the wrong way if done without guidance the first few weeks. Give yourself new challenges every week. Try out new regime and exercise that are in HIIT. This will keep you focused and make it interesting. Go on and ‘HIIT’ it!

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