‘Super foods’ for your memory

Health and fitness is not about just working out, following a diet plan or an exercise routine. It is about maintaining a good lifestyle to keep yourself active. What you eat matters in contributing to your overall lifestyle. While maintaining a diet is essential, it is important to eat what is needed for your body. This series of discussions will focus on various aspects of what each food will do to your body.

But hey guys, please don’t think this will be a regular article about memorizing information and tips on how exercises help boost your memory. No! This is something ‘DELICIOUS’ for your brain!


This colourful vegetable is rich in cancer-protecting antioxidants and helps your body get rid of all the bad toxins. Nitrates in beetroots will boost blood flow to your brain. So you will mind will be full of energy and upbeat!

Dark chocolate

Yes! We know you are craving for chocolates at the moment, but try to have dark chocolate as the flavonols in chocolate improves your mood and is full of antioxidants. They also help in enhancing blood vessel functioning that assists cognitive actions and improves memory.


Not a lot of people like spinach, but this is one healthy food that can listed out in all healthy food lists. Many experts say that spinach can prevent dementia. Dementia is not a disease, but is a collective term for symptoms of decline in brain activity including forgetfulness. Spinach is rich in vitamin E and lutein which improves brain functioning.


Pop a few and you are good to go! Nut are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Almonds, cashews, peanuts and walnuts are rich in vitamin B6 and E which keeps a check on brain function. They also help prevent dementia.


They have vitamin B6 and B12 including folate and choline, which is essential for regulating your moods and in turn keep a healthy and happy brain. The vitamins are also good for the development of brain health.


Eating an orange everyday or on alternate days will provide your body with adequate vitaminC to prevent mental decline. The powerful antioxidant will help your brain fight against damaging brain cells. Guava, kiwi, tomatoes and strawberries are other sources of vitamin C.

Tell us how interesting this was for you! Let us meet again with another post on how foods help in body development.

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