Everything in life changes!
There is nothing that is ever constant.
The same way our habits change.

The same way, one’s diet depends on what an individual wants to achieve out of his/her food plan. We could have gone Vegan or Vegetarian or Fruitarian (if you can make that work!). But just like how human beings are evolving with time, so are many diets. 

One such diet, that caught my attention was the Flexitarian Diet.Doesn’t the name sound interesting! It is a combination of two words: flexible and vegetarian. It let’s you have both veggies and meat in the same diet.

 To put in detail, the flexitarian diet lets you have a vegetarian diet for most of the time, but you could most of the time but you could still indulge in some of your favourite non-veg meal once in a while. This will help you lose weight and lower the risk of heart disease,diabetes and improve overall health.

The diet should include vegetables; 

non-meat proteins like beans, peas, eggs; fruits; whole grains and dairy. 

There is no need to skip any food group, but just make sure to include a lot of veggies in your everyday diet and keep the non-vegetarian dishes for just on days when you feel the absolute urge!

Keep the food plan for your breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. You could tweak the portions depending on your activity level, gender, height and weight. The diet allows you to follow it at your own pace. 

There is no need to panic or sacrifice your favorite foods. 

There are no exotic fruits or vegetables needed for this diet and no specific guidelines to be followed, except to keep the plan balanced with fruits and vegetables.

But any diet only works when you shed some sweat! Make sure to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Exercise will help keep the diet and your body in check.  So take up Yoga or Pilates start slowly, make it weekly and then move on to work-out everyday. Until my next post!

Stay happy and healthy!

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