The Travelling Spirit – Sabah Special

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog at 9 Huts!

You must have read our previous blog about healing through traveling. Amazing things happen when you are traveling, and you get to enjoy the present moment of your life. 

Travel helps you keep your mind off things and lets you get into a good vibe to channel your life better. So today I am going to tell you about some places that are interesting to visit near our 9 Huts Resort!

When you visit 9 Huts on a Hill, your Yoga experience will be the ultimate one for you and I can assure you that. But while you’re not sweating it out, you could visit some places at Sabah.


The Poring Hot Springs which is a 3-hour drive from the resort, is a hot spring and nature reserve where you can have a small chat with the luscious flora and fauna. The hot springs contain sulphur that is known for its skin-curative properties. 

There is a canopy walk which offers a breath-taking view of entire rainforest above 30-40 metres above the ground. You can take a trek to the waterfalls inside the nature reserve – Kipungit Waterfall and the Langganan Waterfall. 

There are thermal pools and a Butterfly Farm within the reserve for one to visit and experience.


One can reach the Borneo Honeybee Centre in Kudat within 25 mins where you can learn about honeybee production and learn about the facilities to process and package honey. 

It is such an interesting experience where there is a live demonstration of honey harvesting and you to explore the honeybee farm where varieties of local bees can be found such as the Apis cerana and Apis dorsata bees.

 This could probably be a small stop over during your journey to such amazing places near the 9 Huts Resort.


In just 30 mins, you can reach the Tanjung Simpang Mengayau or commonly known as the Tip of Borneo. The Tip, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Sabah! The Tip of Borneo marks the meeting point of the South China Sea and Sulu Sea. 

The visitors can walk in, take a look around and view the sunset from the location. There is a giant bronze globe at the site which marks the location of the Borneo Island on it and it is for certain turns into a ‘picture booth’ for tourists!

Now what do you say? Ever thinking of coming to Kudat? 

Do come, not just for the Yoga but to gather an all together amazing 

experience with the environment at 9 Huts!

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