Body vs Mind

While I was browsing the web, I came across an article which talked about how your physical health affects your mental health! It made for an interesting read with some valid points and I decided that I should share it with you guys!!!

I did indeed find that what was researched seemed indeed true. There is quite a correlation between the mental and physical health! When your mental health is affected it drastically affects your ability to think clearly and make informed decisions. Neglecting to take care of yourself mentally will lead to health problems which will affect your body physically. Stress levels will increase and that acts as the root cause to all problems – heart disease, blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems or even depression. To counter all of this you need to take care of yourself mentally.

Your psychological well-being acts an indicator on how well you adapt to situations and develop appropriate behavior. Your emotions act as a factor on your physical well-being. So both are inter-connected. Feelings of sadness, anxiety or negative emotions can often lead to disregard your healthy habits. You will eat less or eat junk when stressed. This is one such indicator.

But of course every problem has a solution! It might not be easy, but if you want to solve your problems, you need to work towards it. We might have discussed this in previous blogs, but this is what works and is needed for a healthier lifestyle.

✔Exercise every day!
✔Maintain a diet that works for you.
✔Get your sleep cycle into a routine
✔Keep your mind open to new possibilities
✔Make time for your hobbies
✔Accept changes as they come
✔Practice Yoga to calm your mind and relieve stress
✔Have fun once in a while! Take a vacay!
✔Share problems with close friends or family (they can give you a different insight)
✔Look for the positives in any situation

Remember your mental health is as important as your physical health! Keep the mind strong and your body will cooperate with it.

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