Today is all about Self-care! Concentrate on yourself, not just your health and body. Keep yourself happy and inspired. And this is what I will be talking about today. Our lives are busy and chaotic that we often forget to take care of ourselves. If you keep stop taking care of yourself, you might end up exhausted when dealing with everything around you.

Taking care of yourself, is not a big task! If you could just spend some few minutes for yourself everyday it will be more than enough. This will make you productive and change your habits. But make this a daily commitment! Whatever you are doing or wherever you are make sure to handle yourself better and constantly strive to improve yourself!

The first thing to start off would be to prioritise! Make a plan. Before you start the day, jot down things-to-do in a notebook. Mark from them important to least important. That way you have sorted out your work and that will keep you tension free.

The next step would be to de-clutter your mind! Start an exercise routine or indulge in something that will keep you physically active. Maybe some yoga or zumba! Or just dance to some favourite tunes at home! Just make sure to enjoy what you do – that is the most important thing! This will keep your mind off current problems or issues, even it means only for an hour.

Train your mind to see positives in every situation. Surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts. Whatever problem you are faced with, try to see the advantage in the situation and take control of that. Everything else will fall right into place.

Healthy livingEat healthy! Now this does not mean a strict diet or cutting down! It just means that you need to eat a proper meal. Make sure to eat at the same time everyday. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Of course there are no restrictions in your diet so you can binge eat or indulge in your favourite foods once in a while as that will keep you happy too.

After food the next important thing would be to sleep! Maintain a sleep routine to allow your body to regenerate and recharge for the next day.

Give yourself compliments everyday. Before going to sleep, jot down the good deeds or any satisfying memory in a notebook. Whenever you feel down, go through it and see how you have made a difference. This will help you to see the good in yourself and in different situations!

Learn new things, make new hobbies, be more confident, get inspired and the list can go on. Just remember everyday is a new beginning! A new day dawns for you to create and make history! Live your life to the fullest and enjoy every moment!

So take care of yourself! Stay happy!

Until next time, Sayonara!

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