Repair those sleeping cells !!

Hola! Hope you are all keeping healthy and wealthy (of course)! BTW How was your weekend? I must confess that this was one of the most exciting weekends I had and while kayaking across the beach yesterday, I had an epiphany. We choose to do our work outs or any form of exercise to keep us fit, but what about giving our body some time to rest and recharge?


While we are running around trying to get healthy, we are often forgetting the most important thing of them all – getting enough sleep! Are we sleeping for the required number of hours? Is it disturbed or undisturbed sleep? Do we maintain a sleep routine? Ask yourselves these questions!

Just exercising is not enough! Sleep is needed to help your body repair itself. While you are sleeping, your body is working on repairing your cells. If you don’t give yourself enough time to heal, then you will wake up feeling exhausted. If you’re exhausted at the start of the day, you will get stressed and everything goes topsy-turvy! This will go on like a cycle everyday!

A meticulous sleep cycle will help reduce your stress levels. Try sleeping before 11:00 pm every night. The ideal time would be 10:30 pm but considering how we are easily distracted with so many gadgets before we finally fall asleep, I was saving you with some grace time. Talking about gadgets, according to many researchers, it would be wise to keep all your gadgets away from you before going to sleep. Try to read a book or listen to some soft music. That might help you fall asleep soon.  

Taking a good rest the night before helps you get energised for the next day. You will feel active and work at a good pace which will increase your chances of having another good night’s sleep as you did the day before. Sleeping peacefully will help you retain the memories and process the information you have gathered during the day.

It is not just about taking rest, sleep plays an important role in building your immunity, increase metabolism and contribute towards your overall health and well-being.

Stay tuned for my next post for pointers on how to get a good night’s rest!

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