Today is all about exploration, something fun and of course something that will totally make everything worth for!!!

Taking a trip is always something every person looks forward to. It could be travelling for a short period, probably an expedition or even a journey for self realisation. But travel also heals your body and mind. So as your Health Guru I was thinking about giving you some tips on travelling for healing!

The first thing you have to do is to plan ahead! Take time to finalise on a location that will perhaps give you some peace and quiet or lets you have fun, whichever you want to do. So once you identify a location, make sure to spend atleast five or more days at the destination or say multiple destinations! Yes, you could try to visit one or more locations depending on your schedule. Like they say, the more the merrier!

Travelling helps you focus, not on the problems but on the solutions. So it would be better if you travel alone or keep it a minimum of three people. Friends or relatives who are quite close to you, someone who might not annoy you! Not just focus, but living in a new place will help you adapt to situations. Mosquitoes, new beds, jet lag, it all can disappear. The right place, will help you adjust your mind set.

As travelers, you will meet new people, learn new things, eat new dishes! All these new things will give you a fresh perspective on life. That will help you face whatever problem you have with some new solutions or maybe just let you forget the whole thing.

Getting a fresh perspective is one thing, but the other thing would be clearing your mind of all the stress you have been building up. That will give you the much needed relaxation you have been looking forward to!

There is much more in travelling for healing, but for today, this might be it, the basics. Look out for my next post with more detailing on travelling for healing.

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