In my last post, I had talked about how you can do some simple things to shed some stress. Today I was thinking about sharing another proven method which has double benefits!

It is considered to be an easy way to exercise – one of the most effective too – SIMPLY WALKING!


When I mentioned double benefits – the first one would be to get relieved of stress and the second would be the much-needed exercise that your body needs. So, one simple activity, takes care of both your mind and health.

Not just these two, walking has multiple advantages, the first and foremost being, it is eco-friendly and purse friendly! Money for a membership at the gym, workout equipment for home, clothes, shoes, diet and the list goes on. But with walking you could save money with just comfortable clothes and shoes. Even the shoes are optional. Plus, there are just minimal dietary restrictions. You could eat anything you want but in moderation. Be sure to remember that!

While walking helps improve your muscle power and strengthen your bones, there is another thing that you guys should know – it will increase your metabolism, which in turn burns calories. That early morning walk, breathing in the fresh air is sure to improve your mood and set the tone for the day with a boost in energy level. Some experts say that walking is a form of cardio, so it could prevent almost anything that might affect your health.

Sleep and walk

Did you know that walking helps you sleep well too? A person should try to get a solid eight hours of sleep every day. But that seems an impossible task with our workload and the numerous hours we work in solving personal and professional problems. So, taking a 30-minute walk everyday will let you blow off steam and maintain a regular sleep cycle – and this has been proven with research too.

of course, we could list you more advantages of walking every day, but keeping it crisp is what I like. So, let’s meet again with something new to try out.

Till then……

Keep Calm and Walk it off!

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