“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you” – Joyce Meyer

The above quote by American author and speaker, Joyce Meyer, seems simple yet powerful. If you think deep enough what she says is very true and acceptable too. Your health comes first! If you are healthy, your mind is at peace which results in you enjoying what you do without stress. Now think about yourself, where you are rid of all the tension and stress in this fast-paced life – it is such a good feeling right?

STRESS: the dangerous word – seems to be the cause of many problems! There are so many ways in which you can get yourself relieved of it, but the main thing is to believe in yourself first. Believe that stress is just a word and it will not affect you! This belief will lead you to the first change!

Try meditation first! Sit quietly, play some soft music and relax. The best thing is to sit in the Padmasana or the Lotus Position. It is an asana where you have to sit on the floor, cross your legs where each foot is placed on the opposite thigh. Next relax and just breathe softly. Breathe in and breathe out next. Do this a couple of times and you are all set. This is the first step, just a beginning for you. Every morning or thrice a week is the best way to practice meditation.

Music – something that has proven to be effective over time. Create a playlist, could be all your favourite songs, some soothing music tracks or simple tunes. You can listen to it while travelling to work or when you get back home or even before going to bed. Just allow your mind to focus on the music. If you are alone at home, just sing at the top of your lungs to blow off some steam!!!!

The next and one of the most important things is to sleep! Create a good sleep cycle that works out for you. Just like your mind, your body needs time to recover from all the chaos outside. So regulate your sleep. Do not oversleep. Just maintain a regular time everyday. Like I said earlier, this is the first step in relieving stress. Once you relax and feel good with yourself and your body, you can take the next step to get your health intact.

So till then, Sayonara!

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