If you ask people practising yoga, they will tell you how it helps them to relax and lower stress levels. Yoga practioners can also boast about how they keep their body shape intact. This list can go on.

Take myself, I have spoken to a lot of yoga practioners about the benefits of yoga. Now this was before I started practising Yoga. I wanted to know How Yoga will help you, before experiencing it for myself. And to say the truth, all the above checks! There is a tremendous difference in how one feels after a yoga session. Even simple yoga poses can show huge differences.

Daily yoga improves health. The main checks here would be for weight loss and a stress-free life. With regular practice, yoga will help you get sensitive about your body and its needs. This will help you keep your body weight and intake in mind.

Yoga is great for inner strength and physical strength. Your mind gets disciplined through meditation and Pranayama helps in improving your breathing and immunity. Doing asanas everyday will help you calm a disturbed mind.

The mind gets crisp and it is constantly active. Yoga and pranayama, can help keep your mind aware all the time. It will help you stay focused and happy.

Yoga is a continuous process, so I would recommend that practicing it everyday is what keeps you going. The more you practice, the more it will be beneficial. Let yoga be an eye-opener for all of you.

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