In this world of stress and survival of the fittest, I was trying to find a way to unwind and keep a stable mind. Yup, exercises, diet or a holiday will be the words you are looking for while planning to unwind, but there is something that you can do everyday.


Yes, thats the answer. A 30-minute routine will help relax every muscle in your body. Trust me, experience speaks. Not just reducing stress and improving muscle power, regular sessions will help you keep your mind focused and work better.

You might have heard a lot of people say that the asanas might be strenuous or difficult, but the truth is far from that. I was not able to complete my asanas, I was out of breath or falling down! But what a lot of people say is that one should never GIVE UP.

Yes, Yoga need everyday practice for the results to be visible, but you need to see it through. Here are some tips for you to start off:

  • Start with something easy. Minor exercises and asanas at the starting will help you in the long run.
  • Do what you can. Take it slow. It is not a race.
  • Everybody is different, so make sure you are doing the asanas right.
  • Be patient! You can’t master all the yoga postures in a week. It takes time.


  • NEVER GIVE UP! Don’t get discouraged. Your flexibility will improve over time and your body will get tuned to the regularity.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and sign up for some Yoga classes!

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